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Finding the Birthday Cake – Helping Children Raise Their Self-Esteem

by Elizabeth Wagele

Published by New Horizon Press.

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“Finding the Birthday Cake” teaches children how to value each others’ differences and help create a world of peace and acceptance. It raises self-esteem by showing that, though we may have very different styles and attitudes, we are each equally important and demonstrates that every child is lovable and unique.

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TEACHERS: If possible to arrange, Elizabeth will help teach the enneagram in your classroom using her book.

Individual children and classroom dynamics will profit. E-mail wagele@icloud.com with “FINDING THE BIRTHDAY CAKE” in the title.


Comments on “Finding the Birthday Cake:”

From noted Enneagram author Jerry Wagner: “This is a very sweet book. I like the story and the illustrations. It’s a nice way to learn about yourself and others.”

From Enneagram author of “The Enneagram Movie and Video Guide, Thomas Condon:
“Great fun! A nicely written and illustrated introduction to personality styles that teaches children how to recognize, accept, and enjoy their unique abilities and differences.”

• From Enneagram author Judith Searle: “This little volume provides a wonderful introduction to the Enneagram for children. I hope teachers and parents will take advantage of this opportunity to give their kids the fun of finding themselves in the sweet animal personalities Elizabeth describes and depicts so endearingly.”

• From “Know Your Parenting Personality” author and Enneagram expert Janet Levine:
“This is a worthwhile and enjoyable read for parents and children alike. There is a sense of fun and vitality as young readers learn about themselves and others. The illustrations help bring the story to life.”

From Enneagram author and teacher, Clarence Thomson: “It’s lovely. Wagele has the gift of really simplifying without dumbing down. “The Enneagram Made Easy” has this quality, too”

From Enneagram author, Don Riso: “This is truly charming book, which will fill a real need.”

From “Enneagram Monthly” editor and publisher, Jack Labanauskas:
“Cute, charming, and a good idea.”

• From retired teacher, principal, university professor, & “Enneagram for Educators” workshop leader, Jeanne St. John, Ph.D: “I LOVE the book–it is charming, inviting, and is such a subtle introduction to the Enneagram for kids and their parents.I’m excited about the prospects for this book!”

From elementary school teacher and principal for 38 years, Tom Alexander:
“Elizabeth Wagele’s insight and cartoons are so right on and great. The Introduction on page 29 and the Check List on page 30 are both helpful. This could be used by children from 6 years old through junior high school.”

From special education teacher and MBTI trainer Gloria Chapman, Michigan:
“Elizabeth Wagele’s book does a wonderful job of helping parents and teachers identify their child’s personality preferences. An enjoyable way for both parents and children of any age to do some self-discovery together. Older children will enjoy reading the book themselves. It also provides material for parents to do some self-reflection. Engaging stories and captivating pictures.”

From fourth grade teacher Tracy Willis, Michigan:
“Wagele’s characters make it easy for children to identify themselves and facets of their personalities. This funny, entertaining book is a great tool for parents and children! This is a fun way to get to know your child.”

From elementary school teacher Kathy Wagner, Minnesota:
“It is very cute and the drawings are dear. As a teacher I could definitely see my students looking at how people are different and understanding the Enneagram ideas. I even think adults would like it for the simple descriptions.”

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