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Famous Types – guesses

Types in Movies & Famous People
Compiled by E. Wagele, Enneagram 5 with 4 wing. INFP .
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Muhammad Ali, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Steve Allen, Enneagram 7. Extravert (ENTP).

Woody Allen, Enneagram 6 (phobic). Introvert. ISTP according to quotes from Kiersey.com.

Gloria Allred, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Julie Andrews, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Jennifer Aniston, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Kofi Annan, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Diane Arbus 4 – Romantic.

Lance Armstrong, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Patricia Arquette, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Edward Asner, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Fred Astaire, Enneagram 1.

Andrew Bacevich, 1 – Perfectionist – blog post

Johann Sebastian Bach, Enneagram 1.

Francis Bacon 4 – Romantic.

Joan Baez, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

F. Lee Bailey, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Hanna Bailey from the movie “American Teen”, Enneagram 4.

James Baker, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Tammy Faye Bakker, Enneagram 2, Extraverted and Feeling Type.

Alec Baldwin – The first Enneagram type that comes to mind is 8, but types One and Six can also be very powerful. I’m thinking of the episode of yelling at his daughter. He issued a statement where he says his friends would back him up. While an 8 could do this, an 8 is likely to be more independent and confident – and not rely on what friends might or might not approve of. This could suggest a 6. Something else I noticed was that he apologized to anyone who might have been offended by what he said to his daughter, but he didn’t seem as concerned about his daughter as he seemed about these people who might judge him. Could that be his 3 arrow (6 goes to 3)? Would 8 be more likely to have some 2 influence and want to protect her? I didn’t have time to search and search. The One would be concerned about reputation and I’ve seen Ones exert tremendous power when angry. On the basis of anger, One or 8 seem likely – both in the anger triad.

Brigitte Bardot, Enneagram 2-Helper.

Charles Barkley, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Roseanne Barr, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Ethel Barrymore, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

David Beckham, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Charles Beaudelaire 4 – Romantic.

Ludwig van Beethoven, Enneagram 4 – Romantic, Introvert. Some say he’s a 6-Questioner, but I hold to the Romantic because of his wide range and depth of emotional expression, surpassed by no one.  About Elizabeth Wagele’s “Beethoven Enneagram” CD and About Beethoven’s Personality and Music: The Introverted Romantic.

Harry Belafonte, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Annette Bening, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Tony Bennett, singer and pacifist, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker. – blog post

Ingmar Bergman, Enneagram 4. Introvert.

Ingrid Bergman, Enneagram 9-Peace Seeker.

Yogi Berra, Enneagram 7 – Adventurer. blog post

Father Phillip Berrigan, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Halle Berry, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Joe Biden, Enneagram 7.

Justin Bieber, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Ambrose Bierce, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Tony Blair, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Claire Bloom, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Humphrey Bogart, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

John Bolton, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Cory Booker, 6-Questioner? – blog post

Debby Boone, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Pat Boone, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Ernest Borgnine, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Authors Jane and Paul Bowles were a 4 and 5 in the Enneagram.

Bill Bradley, basketball star and politician Enneagram One-Perfectionist. – blog post

John Bradshaw, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Marlon Brando, Enneagram 4. Introvert.

T. Berry Brazelton, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Richard Branson, entrepreneur Enneagram 7-Adventurer. – blog post

Leonid Breshnev, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Jeff Bridges, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Broadwell, Paula (David Petraeus’ lover) Enneagram 3-Achiever and ESFJ. – blog post

Christie Brinkley, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Matthew Broderick, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Adrien Brody as an Enneagram 7 in the movie, “Dummy”, Introvert.

Tom Brokaw, Extravert and 1 – Perfectionist.

James Brolin, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Charles Bronson, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Albert Brooks, Enneagram 6.

David Brower, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Bobby Brown, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

James Brown, singer – Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Jim Brown, football player – Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Robert Browning, Enneagram 8.

Anita Bryant, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Pat Buchanan, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Warren Buffett – Introvert. ISTJ according to quotes from Kiersey.com.

William Buckley, Enneagram 1.

Charles Bulkowski, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Sandra Bullock, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Carol Burnett, Enneagram 7 – Adventurer.

George Burns, Enneagram 9-Peace Seeker.

Ken Burns, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Ellen Burstyn, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Richard Burton, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Leo Buscaglia, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

George W. Bush – ESTJ vacillating to ISTP? Enneagram – counterphobic 6 with 7 wing. ISFJ according to quotes from Kiersey.com.

Laura Bush, Enneagram 9-Peace Seeker.

Sid Caesar, Enneagram 6.

Helen Caldicott, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

John Calvin, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

John Candy, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Jack Canfield, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Tucker Carlson, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Art Carney, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Keith Carradine, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Jimmy Carter, Enneagram 3.

Johnny Cash, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

John Cassavetes, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Fidel Castro, Enneagram 8.

Wilt Chamberlain, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Prince Charles of England 4 – Romantic.

Cesar Chavez, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Lynne Cheney, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Julia Child, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Noam Chomsky, linguist, historian, dissident possibly 5 – Observer, 1 -Perfectionist or 6 – Questioner.

Warren Christopher, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Connie Chung, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Dick Clark, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Petula Clark, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Eldridge Cleave, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

John Cleese, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Bill Clinton, Enneagram 3 – Achiever. Extravert.

Hillary Clinton, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist. – blog post

Glenn Close, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Kurt Cobain 4 – Romantic.

Johnnie Cochran, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Leonard Cohen, Enneagram 4 – Romantic, 5wing. – blog post

Perry Como, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Tim Conway, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Anderson Cooper, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Gary Cooper, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Sean Connery, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Jimmy Connors, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Robert Conrad, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

David Copperfield, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Bill Cosby, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Ann Coulter, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Katie Couric, Enneagram 7. Extravert.

Cindy Crawford, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Walter Cronkite, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Bing Crosby, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Russell Crowe, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Tom Cruise, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Robert Crumb, Enneagram 5. INFP. “I’ll be a great artist. That will be my revenge.”

Marie Curie, INTP according to quotes from Kiersey.com.

Jamie Lee Curtis, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Jane Curtin, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Willem Dafoe, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

The Dalai Lama, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

James Dean 4- Romantic.

Alain Delon, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Matt Damon, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Jeff Daniels, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Angela Davis – Enneagram 1-Perfectionist.

Bette Davis in “Now, Voyager” – Introvert. Claude Raines says he likes the old manors in the neighborhood because they contain hidden lives. She “You mean introverted?”

Geena Davis, Enneagram 7 – Adventurer. Extraverted.

Doris Day, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Howard Dean, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

John Dean, Nixon White House Counsel, Enneagram 1. Introvert. INTJ.

Morris Dees, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Benicio del Toro, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Bob Denver, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Johnny Depp, actor and musician -Enneagram 4 – Romantic. – blog post

Alan Dershowitz, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Danny DeVito, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Charles Dickens, Enneagram 1. Introvert.

Emily Dickenson, Enneagram 5. Introvert.

Joe DiMaggio, Enneagram 5. Introvert.

Celine Dion, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Mike Ditka, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Lou Dobbs, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Placido Domingo, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker

Kirk Douglas, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Michael Douglas, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Richard Dreyfuss, Enneagram 6.

W. E. B. DuBois, Enneagram 1-Perfectionist.

Michael Dukakis, Enneagram 1-Perfectionist.

Faye Dunaway, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Bob Dylan 4 – Romantic.

Napoleon Dynamite, movie character, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker; Introvert. His brother, Kip – Enneagram 4; Introvert. Pedro Sanchez – Enneagram 9; Introvert. Uncle Rico – Enneagram 3; Extravert. Deb – Enneagram 5; Introvert. See “Afterward” in The Happy Introvert.” – blog post

Clint Eastwood, Enneagram 5. Introvert.

Mary Baker Eddy, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist

Dr. Dean Edell, Enneagram 1-Perfectionist

Thomas Edison, Enneagram 5. Introvert.

John Edwards, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Albert Einstein, Enneagram 5. Introvert (INTP). – blog post

Dwight David Eisenhower, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker. Possibly ENTJ. INTJ according to quotes from Personality Desk.

Queen Elizabeth II, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Daniel Ellsworth, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Nora Ephron, Enneagram 6 – Questioner. – blog post

Werner Erhard, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Peter Falk (Columbo), Enneagram 9-Peace Seeker.

Mia Farrow, Enneagram 3 – Helper.

Farrah Fawcett, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Will Ferrell, Enneagram 9-Peace Seeker.

F. Scott Fitzgerald, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Bobby Fischer, Enneagram 5 with 6 wing.

Gustave Flaubert, Enneagram 4. Introvert. “I am like a row of milk pans. If you want the cream to form, you have to leave them exactly where they are.”

Renee Fleming, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Henry Fonda, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Jane Fonda, Enneagram 6 – Questioner.

Gerald Ford, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Harrison Ford, Enneagram 1, tends to play 7 roles.

Jodie Foster, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Anne Frank, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Barney Frank 6 – Questioner. blog post

Sigmund Freud, Enneagram 6 – Questioner.

Thomas Friedman, political writer, Enneagram 6. “I believe what I say 51% but I act like I believe it 100%.”

John Fund, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Annette Funicello, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Mark Furman, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Lady Gaga, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Indira Gandhi, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Mahtma Gandhi, INFJ, idealist and Enneagram One-Perfectionist.

Harry Gans, cartoonist, co-author of “How to Survive Death” – Read the whole 26-page book free (PDF)

Greta Garbo, Enneagram 5 – Observer.

Judy Garland 4 – Romantic.

Kathie Lee Gifford, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Melissa Gilbert, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Kurt Gödel (1906-1978), mathematician, Introvert.

Jeff Goldblum, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Emma Goldman, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Barry Goldwater, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Jane Goodall, INFJ, idealist, according to quotes from Kiersey.com.

Amy Goodman, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

John Goodman, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Al Gore, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Tipper Gore, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

John Gotti, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Elliott Gould, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Glenn Gould pianist, Enneagram 5 – Observer,  INTP

Stephen Jay Gould, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Katherine Graham, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Cary Grant, Enneagram 7 – Adventurer.

Peter Graves, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Melanie Griffith, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Che Gueverra, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Alec Guinness, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Bryant Gumbel, Extravert, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Maggie Gyllenhaal, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Mark Harmon, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Woody Harrelson, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Pamela Harriman, Enneagram 2. (“We used to say about Pamela that if you put a blindfold on her in a crowded room, she could smell out the powerful man,” a close friend said, with admiration in her voice.)

Michael Hastings, journalist – 4 – Romantic. – blog post

Stephen Hawking, INTJ according to quotes from Kiersey.com.

Patty Hearst, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Lillian Hellman, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Jesse Helms, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Leona Helmsley, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Ernest Hemingway, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Mariel Hemingway, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Buck Henry, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Audrey Hepburn, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Katharine Hepburn, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Charlton Heston, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Paris Hilton, Enneagram 3, THE ACHIEVER and Extravert. From IMBd: “Hilton began a … well-financed campaign to put herself in the public eye, on screen, on television and in music. This effort has included a substantial amount of physical alteration – a naturally pleasant-looking girl, Hilton underwent extensive plastic surgery, hair coloring, and tinted contact lenses in her attempt to reinvent herself as “hot.” … [she] is widely scorned for what some see as her narcissism… and materialism … she is ambitious and driven to achieve.”

Alfred Hitchcock, Enneagram 5. Introvert.

Jimmy Hoffa, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

“Robin Hood”, Enneagram 7.

Marilyn Horne, Opera singer – Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

House, the doctor from the TV series. Someone said to him, “You’re afraid to change. You don’t want to lose what makes you special.” – Enneagram 4.

Whitney Houston, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Arianna Huffington, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Saddam Hussein, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Anjelica Huston, Enneagram 9-Peace Seeker.

John Huston, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Jeremy Irons 4 – Romantic.

Anne Jackson, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Glenda Jackson, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Jesse Jackson, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Michael Jackson, Enneagram 4 – Romantic. INFP.

Mick Jagger, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Thomas Jefferson, Enneagram 7 – Adventurer. – blog post

Peter Jennings, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Joan of Arc, Introvert (INFP).

Steve Jobs, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist. In his career he made strong use of both arrows, the Adventurer (7) for innovation and the Romantic (4) for style. As a Perfectionist, he was a micro-manager and was driven by excellence–not money. “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me … Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful… that’s what matters to me.”

Ben Johnson, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Lyndon Johnson, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Samuel Johnson, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

James Earl Jones, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Shirley Jones, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Erica Jong, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Janice Joplin 4 – Romantic.

Michael Jordan, ISTP according to quotes from Kiersey.com, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Naomi Judd 4 – Romantic.

C. G. Jung, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Franz Kafka, Enneagram 5 – Observer. Introvert.

Dostoevsky’s Alyosha Karamazov, INFP.

John Kasich, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Catherine Keener, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Harvey Keitel 4 – Romantic.

Brian Keith, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Sally Kellerman, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Grace Kelly, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Jackie Kennedy, Enneagram 4 – Romantic. Introvert (INFJ). ISFP according to quotes from Kiersey.com.

John Kennedy, Enneagram 7 – Adventurer. Extravert (ESTP).

Robert Kennedy, Enneagram 6. Introvert.

Ted Kennedy, Extravert (ESTP).

Steve Kerr, Enneagram 9; type 5 father. blog post

Nancy Kerrigan, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Jack Kerouac, Enneagram 4 – Romantic.

John Kerry, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist. – blog post

Dr. Jack Kevorkian, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Alan Keyes, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Enneagram 8 – Asserter. Extravert.

Larry King, Enneagram 3 – Achiever (some say 7). Extravert.

Ben Kingsley, self-typed Enneagram 3 – Achiever, who often plays 5s. Possibly relational subtype.

Karl Ove Knausgaard, writer. 4 – Romantic. blog post

Keira Knightley, I found a quote that said she’s disappointed she went into the same field as her parents instead of rebelling. That implies she’s more likely to be on the left side of the Enneagram (4, 5, 6, 7 or 8).

Ted Koppel, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Lisa Kudrow, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Diana Krall, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Kris Kristofferson, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Nikita Khrushchev, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Diane Ladd, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Jessica Lange, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Wayne LaPierre, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Stan Laurel, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Jim Lehrer, Enneagram 7. Extravert (ESTP).

Vivien Leigh 4 – Romantic.

Leonardo da Vinci, Enneagram 7 – Adventurer. Introvert (ISTP).

David Letterman, Enneagram 6 – Questioner.

Oscar Levant, Enneagram 6. Worried himself sick.

Monica Lewinsky, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Carl Lewis, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Jerry Lewis, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Rush Limbaugh, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Abraham Lincoln, Enneagram 9 – Peace Keeper with 1 wing. Introvert (INTP).

Anne Morrow Lindberg – INFP.

Laura Linney, Enneagram 1-Perfectionist.

Jack London, Enneagram 7.

Shelley Long, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Sophia Loren, Enneagram 2.

Lyle Lovett, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Rob Lowe, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

George Lucas, Enneagram 9. Introvert. “I’m not the kind of person who’d jump into a crowd of people I don’t know and say, “Hi, I’m George Lucas, glad to meet you. I’m from Modesto.”
David Lynch – Enneagram 9. “Negativity is like darkness — it goes away when you turn on this light of peace and unity”. Quote provided by David Gray, who has many convincing reasons Lynch is a 9 rather than a 5 (including this quote).

Susan Lucci, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Claire Boothe Luce, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Joan Lunden, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Martin Luther, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Norm MacDonald, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Andie MacDowell, Enneagram 9-Peace Seeker.

Ali MacGraw, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Madonna, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Bill Maher, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Alma Mahler, 2 – Helper.

Norman Mailer, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Karl Malden, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

John Malkovich, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Nelson Mandela, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Miss Manners, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Imelda Marcos, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Thurgood Marshall, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Dean Martin, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Steve Martin, Enneagram 7.

Lee Marvin, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Chris Matthews, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Elaine May, Enneagram 9-Peace Seeker.

Madonna, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

McCain, John, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Frances McDormand, Enneagram 9-Peace Seeker.

John McEnroe, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Reba McEntire, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

George McGovern, Enneagram 1-Perfectionist.

Mark McGwire, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Golda Meir, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Angela Merkel, ENTJ, Enneagram 8-Asserter or 9-Peacmaker.

Bette Midler, Enneagram 7.

Arthur Miller, Enneagram 1-Perfectionist.

Dennis Miller, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Slobodan Milosevic, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Robert Mitchum, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Jessica Mitford, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Marilyn Monroe, Enneagram 4 – Romantic.

Demi Moore, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Mary Tyler Moore, Enneagram 6 (quivvery voice, indecision as Mary Richards character).

Sir Thomas More, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Harry Morgan, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Jim Morrison 4 – Romantic.

Morrissey, singer/songwriter 4 – Romantic – blog post

Bill Moyers, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Enneagram 7. ISFP, artisan, according to quotes from Kiersey.com. Obviously his introversion (creativity) was very developed. Other sides of his personality seemed extraverted and expansive.

Anne Murray, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Ralph Nader, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Judd Nelson, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Randy Newman, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Florence Nightingale, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Leonard Nimoy, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Richard Nixon, Enneagram 6. Introvert (INTJ).

Oliver North, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Edward Norton, Enneagram 9-Peace Seeker.

Robert Novak, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Ted Nugent, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Barack Obama, Many Enneagram authors think President Obama is a Three. I think he’s an Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker with strong 8 and 1 wings. In fact, he seems to express just about every number on the Enneagram. Click here for drawings of Obama as he expresses the Enneagram. Click here for a blog on his type.

Michelle Obama, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist, INFP. Click here for blog on Michelle.

Rosie O’Donnell, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Maureen O’Hara, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Shaquille O’Neal, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Keith Olbermann, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Merlin Olsen, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Christina Onassis, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Yoko Ono, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Bill O’Reilly, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Suze Orman, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Joel Osteen, televangelist, Enneagram 2 (3 wing) or 3 (2 wing). “Sweet, boyish charm and charisma.”

Al Pacino, Enneagram 6 – Questioner.

Ian Paisley, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Sarah Palin, Enneagram 8.

Dolly Parton, Enneagram 2. Extravert.

Linus Pauling, Enneagram. Introvert (INTP).

Gregory Peck, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Sam Peckinpah, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Sean Penn, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Fritz Perls, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

H. Ross Perot, Enneagram 1- Perfectionist.

Peter the Great, INTJ according to quotes from Kiersey.com.

Petraeus, David – Enneagram 3-Achiever and ESTJ. – blog post

“Dr. Phil”, Enneagram 8. Extravert.

River Phoenix, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Edith Piaf 4 – Romantic.

Pablo Picasso, Enneagram 8. Extravert.

Christopher Plummer, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Edgar Allen Poe 4 – Romantic.

Sydney Poitier, Enneagram 1.

Sydney Pollack, Enneagram 6 (“I have a reputation with my friends as being this eternal pessimist, groaner, doom predictor.. I sit out there ringing my hands.”)

Emily Post, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Ezra Pound, poet, Enneagram 5 with 6 wing.

Colin Powell, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Susan Powter, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Elvis Presley, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Priscilla Presley, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Victoria Principal, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Vladimir Putin, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Dan Quayle, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Marilyn Quayle, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Queen Latifah, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Sally Quinn, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Yitzak Rabin, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Gilda Radner, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Sally Jessy Rafael, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Rajneesh, Enneagram 7 – Adventurer.

Ram Das, Enneagram 7.

Patsy Ramsay, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Ayn Rand, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist. blog post

Tony Randall, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Nancy Reagan, Enneagram 2.

Ronald Reagan, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Della Rease, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Robert Redford, Enneagram – 5 (“Are you Robert Redford?” “Only when I’m alone,” he answered.)

Vanessa Redgrave, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Donna Reed, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Christopher Reeve, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Robert Reich, economist, possibly an Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker – blog post

Burt Reynalds, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Debbie Reynalds, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Ving Rhames, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Condoleezza Rice, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Ann Richards, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Keith Richards, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker, strong 6 wing. Possibly Enneagram 6.

Tim Robbins, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Tony Robbins, Enneagram 3. Extravert.

Cliff Robertson, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist..

John D. Rockefeller Sr., ISTJ according to quotes from Kiersey.com.

Gene Roddenberry, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Carl Rogers, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Roy Rogers, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Ray Romano, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Eleanor Roosevelt, Enneagram 1-Perfectionist.

Franklin Delanor Roosevelt (FDR), Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Theodore Roosevelt, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Charlie Rose, TV journalist – Enneagram 7. Extravert.

Carne Ross. – blog post

Mickey Rourke, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 6 – Questioner, Introvert.

Gena Rowlands, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Mark Ruffalo, Enneagram 9.

Jane Russell, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Jeffrey Sachs, economist – possibly Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist, 5 -Observer, 6 – Questioner or 9 – Peace Seeker – blog post

Carl Sagan, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Eva Marie Saint, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Adam Sandler, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Margaret Sanger, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Telly Savalas, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Diane Sawyer, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Tom Sawyer, Extravert (ENTP).

Virginia Satir, Enneagram 3 – Helper.

Judge Judy Schiedlin, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Phyllis Schlafly, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Dr. Laura Schlesinger, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Helmet Schmidt, former German chancellor, 8 – Asserter blog post

Baseball’s Marge Schott, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Arnold Schwartzenegger, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

George C. Scott, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

David Sedaris, Enneagram 6 – Questioner. – blog post

Jerry Seinfeld, the observational comedian – Enneagram 5. Said he doesn’t particularly like people and “I can walk through a hotel lobby and watch people at the desk and see what they’re doing. People don’t look at me. They don’t even know I’m there.”

Maurice Sendak, 4-Romantic – blog post

Shakira, couldn’t find out much about her, but am guessing Enneagram 8 and Extravert for these reasons: kicked out of school choir because voice was too loud, characterized as strong willed, expressed anger over love gone wrong, learned English to maintain control over her own singing material, and started a charity to protect children.

Ariel Sharon, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

William Shatner, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

George Bernard Shaw, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Wallace Shawn, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Percy Shelley 4 – Romantic.

Cybill Shepherd, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Sam Shepherd, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Richard Simmons, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Paul Simon 4 – Romantic.

OJ Simpson, Enneagram 8 – Asserter. Extravert.

Frank Sinatra, Enneagram 8. Extravert.

Gary Sinese, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Gene Siskel, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Tom Skerritt, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Grace Slick, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Guardian Angel Curtis Sliwa, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Will Smith, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Wesley Snipes, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Tony Soprano, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

George Soros, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker, INTP according to quotes from Kiersey.com.

Kevin Spacey, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

David Spade, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

James Spader, Enneagram 6 (people are afraid of him).

Britney Spears, So much that I could find out about her was publicity-driven, it’s hard to tell, but I’ll guess Extravert and Enneagram 3 (Achiever) with a 2-Helper wing. The second possibility would be 8-Boss (her boldness in kissing Madonna, for example, but she doesn’t seem as independent as most 8s, from what I have read. Write me if you have more information.

Stephen Spielberg, ISFP according to quotes from Kiersey.com.

Mark Spitz, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Rick Springfield, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Robert Stack, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Joseph Stalin, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Harry Dean Stanton, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Ringo Starr, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Danielle Steel, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Mary Steenburgen, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Jimmy Stewart, Enneagram 9. Sometimes plays a One, usually a 9.

Martha Stewart, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Sting, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Dean Stockwell, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Eric Stoltz, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Sharon Stone, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

John Stossel, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Lee Strasberg, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Meryl Streep 4 – Romantic.

Pickaboo Street, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Sally Struthers, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

John Sununu, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Ron Suskind, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Taylor Swift, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Elizabeth Taylor, Enneagram 4 – Romantic. – blog post

Mother Teresa, ISFJ according to quotes from Kiersey.com

Studs Terkel, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

John Tesh, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Margaret Thatcher, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Charlize Theron, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Marlo Thomas, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Richard Thomas, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Emma Thompson, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Billy Bob Thornton, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Jennifer Tilly, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Tiny Tim, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Rip Torn, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Alex Trebek, Enneagram 1, Perfectionist.

David Del Tredici, contempory maverick composer, Enneagram 4 – Romantic. – blog post

Harry Truman, ISTJ and Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Donald Trump, Enneagram 3 – Achiever who acts like an 8 – Asserter. ESTP. Blog post

Evana Trump, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Mao Tse-tung, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Paul Tsongas, Enneagram 5 – Observer.

Kathleen Turner, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Ted Turner, Enneagram 8. Extravert.

Bishop Desmond Tutu, Enneagram 2 – Helper. – blog post

Liv Ullman, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Felix Unger, the character in The Odd Couple – Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist. Self preservation sub-type.

Greta Van Susteren, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Jesse Ventura, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Robert Wagner, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

George Wallace, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Mike Wallace, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

John Walsh, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Leslie Ann Warren, Enneagram 2 – Helper.

Denzel Washington, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Maxine Waters, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

John Wayne, Enneagram 8 – Asserter.

Clifton Webb, quintessential One – Perfectionist.

Jack Webb, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Raquel Welch, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Forest Whitaker, actor, Introvert. Projects a thoughtful, peaceful presence in movies such as “Smoke,” “Ghost World,” and “The Crying Game.”

George Will, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Andy Williams, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Brian Williams, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Montel Williams, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Robin Williams, Enneagram 7 – Adventurer.

Tennessee Williams, Enneagram 4.

Vanessa Williams, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Oprah Winfrey, Enneagram 3. Extravert. (some type her as an 8)

Natalie Wood, Enneagram 3 – Achiever.

Tiger Woods, Enneagram 3 – Achiever – blog post

Joanne Woodward, Enneagram 1 – Perfectionist.

Noah Wylie, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Renee Zelleweger, Enneagram 9 – Peace Seeker.

Zorba the Greek, Enneagram 7 – Adventurer.


“American Beauty.” Annette Benning trying to get ahead in real estate is a 3-Achiever, impressed with another 3 who has made it: Peter Gallagher. Kevin Spacey is needing freedom. I feel most comfortable calling him Everyman, kind of a 9. Thora Birch is their teenage daughter. Her best friend played by Mena Suvari, is a 4. She wants to be special. The next door neighbor kid, played by Wes Bentley, is probably a 5. He likes to observe, take movies of leaves blowing around and other things, has a quiet strength, and waits for his chance to get away from his abusive father,

Gena Rowlands in Woody Allen’s “Another Woman” is a 5 Observer.

“As Good As It Gets.” I just saw this in a book and had to write it down. Jack Nicholson as a cranky obsessive-compulsive and Helen Hunt in this movie I really liked. No time now. I’ll get back to it later.

Carnage in 3 parts blog post: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

See my review on this web site of Un Coeur en Hiver.” (“Heart in Winter”) About an introverted 5. Good news! On DVD now! Wonderful chamber music by Ravel.

“Dark Corner.” Mark Stevens is a strange type. Supposed to be tough (8?) but isn’t quite convincing. Lucille Ball is wonderful as a gutsy secretary. Very different from her “Lucy” persona. Clfton Webb as an art collector, Karl Kreuger. Film noir.

“The French Lieutenant’s Woman.” Meryl Streep plays an introverted longing 4. Jeremy Irons may be a 5.

The Girl in the Cafe” 2006 with Bill Nighy. A shy high government official in England gets in trouble when he brings his first girlfriend to a G8 meeting in Iceland. The role Nighy plays is highly introverted.

Hamlet,” as played by Laurence Olivier, is a 4. See page 30, “The Happy Introvert.”

“Laura.” Otto Preminger’s film noir with Dana Andrews as Mark McPherson, a detective, Gene Tierney as Laura, Judith Anderson as her aunt, Vincent Price as Shelby Carpenter, and Clifton Webb as Waldo Lydecker, an Extraverted Thinker an extraverted One-Perfectionist. He has elegant taste and rules and manners are important to him. His performance goes just to the edge in terms of hamminess – the 4 connection. Excellent movie. 1944. I quoted the costume designer of this movie, Bonnie Cashin, in THE HAPPY INTROVERT – in the chapter on creativity:

“Little Miss Sunshine” Alan Arkin as the grandfather is an 8. Greg Kinear, the father is a 3. The adolescent son is a 4 with a 5 wing. His 3 wing might contribute to wanting to be a fighter pilot. The mother is supportive yet unfocused…. she doesn’t know what her daughter is going to wear in the competition. I think she’s a 9. 2006. I had hoped it would be better than it was.

“The Man in the Train.” about a 5. Great French movie.

“Matchstick Men.” Full of surprises. Nicholas Cage.OCD.

Monsieur Hire” is an example of an extreme 5-Observer. Michel Blanc

“Monster’s Ball” directed by Marc Forster is an introverted movie. It isn’t in a hurry, but stays quietly with the important scenes without moving the camera unnecessarily. The director lets actors Billy Bob Thornton and Halle Berry develop their characters in the time they need. The subjects of the movie are alienation/loneliness/being different/gentleness/racism/death/love in a culture that emphasizes toughness. Heath Ledger is in this movie too.

Nicholas Cage in “Moonstruck” is a wonderfully dramatic 4-Romantic.

“Murder, My Sweet.” I’m not going to type anyone in this. I’ve been watching a lot of film noir lately and this is one of my favorites. Most are B films, but this is an A film. Dick Powell and Claire Trevor. Amazing hair-do’s. “Dark Corner” is another good one. 1944.

My Architect.” A documentary made by the son of Louis Kahn, Nathaniel Kahn, about Louis’ life and work. One of my favorite movies. I’m not sure of Louis’ Enneagram type. Possibly a 5 or 8. I’m always open to suggestions.

*”My First Mister.” Albert Brooks is a 6-Questioner 49-year old and Leelee Sobieski a lonely 4-Romantic 17-year old. Highly recommended.

Next Stop Wonderland” with Hope Davis is about two introverts. Not a very good movie. 1998.

“The Passenger” – Antonioni movie made in 1975 with Jack Nicholson. David Locke, an Enneagram 9-Peacemaker, is a journalist who slides effortlessly into another man’s identity when he finds an adquaintance he resembles has died. They’re in the desert and nobody will know. Then he pretty much sleep walks into this guy’s life as an arms dealer. One of my favorite movies. Nicholson’s commentary on the DVD is excellent.

“Pi: Faith in Chaos” – about a particular Enneagram 5’s mind. INTP.

*One of my favorite movies is “Richter: the Enigma.” Sviataslav Richter the great pianist interviewed and a documentary of his life and performances. Not be available as DVD in USA. Some used copies for sale on Amazon.com.

“Tadpole.” Coming of age movie. He may be a 4/5 wing. Very good!

“The Theory of the Leisure Class.” I put it in here because my recording Beethoven’s Opus 27, first movement is in it. It’s more about our culture’s type than individual type and it’s not a pretty picture. Directed by Gabriel Bologna

*”Truly, Madly, Deeply“‘s main character, a recent widow, is an introvert. Excellent movie. Great music. Great actors.

“The Turning Point.” Anne Bancroft is a ballet dancer 4-Romantic.

*”Turtle Diary” has Two 5-Observers, Glenda Jackson and Ben Kingsley want to steal some turtles from a zoo. Wonderful.

“Transamerica.” Brie is an Enneagram One. This goes along with “The Happy Introvert” as a road movie where the main character’s true self unfolds. 2005.

Famous Unitarians

Adlai Stevenson (5), Elliot Richardson, Maurine Neuberger, Bela Bartok, N. C. Wyeth, Pete Seeger, Buckminster Fuller, Frank Lloyd Wright, Linus Pauling (5), Brock Chisholm, May Sarton (5), e.e. cummings. Mary W. Ovington, founder of NAACP. Bernard Maybeck, David Park, Malvina Reynolds, Jane Addams, Sara Barton, Christopher Reeve (7), William Ellery Channing, Thomas Starr King, Samuel Eliot, Rod Serling, Norman Cousins.

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