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The Enneagram of Parenting

The Enneagram of Parentin cover artwork with yellow ball in the middle with cartoon children around it representing the nine types

About the Book:

Elizabeth Wagele, co author of The Enneagram Made Easy and Are You My Type, Am I Yours? is back with her delightful cartoons and simple, effective explanations to show you how the Enneagram system of understanding the nine different personality types can help you become a better parent. Wagele’s direct, engaging style makes the Enneagram easy and fun to digest, as she illustrates the nine behavioral styles and covers ten common problem areas for each child’s type, including study habits, eating, going to bed, and getting along with others.

Providing positive, practical advise at every turn, Wagele includes a separate section on twenty additional problem areas and an enlightening, entertaining chapter on the nine types of parents. Sure to amuse and inform parents of all types, The Enneagram of Parenting will help you to recognize your child’s unique character and assist you in raising him or her (or them!) in a more appropriate, creative, and effective way. 

Be sure to check out Finding the Birthday Cake by Elizabeth, the first Enneagram book written for children.

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