What Personality Type is a Good Mediator at Home and at Work?

Drawing by Elizabeth Wagele

Drawing by Elizabeth Wagele

One Enneagram type, especially, has a natural ability to apprehend the felt experience of others. This blog is based on The Career Within You, an Enneagram book for selecting and managing careers by Elizabeth Wagele and Ingrid Stabb.

The ninth Enneagram type, the Peace Seeker, appears to be at ease with the world, sees all sides of issues, values harmony, and tends to be cheerful and good natured. No matter what your own type is, emulating this type can help you develop similar traits. Your basic Enneagram type will not change, however.

Introverted Peace Seekers have a quiet presence while extraverted Peace Seekers tend to fill the room with their outgoing personalities. Typical careers range from fields where Peace Seekers bring comfort, wellbeing, or information to others to fields where they are critical players. Typical roles include sales account manager, family practice physician, psychologist, journalist, librarian, government worker, resort manager, and social scientist. Peace Seekers sometimes have trouble figuring out their career type because they may identify with all nine!

Getting to Know Yourself

As Peace Seekers, you feel the connection to all humankind, all beings, and possibly all matter. You might easily be called universalists. Nigel said, “One of the most fundamental questions in my search for truth is to try to apprehend, or at least draw nearer to, the ‘felt experience’ of other beings. Anything else seems like delusion.” This appreciation of life, your calming affect, and your abilities to be fair and enjoy small things draw people to you.

Your desire to feel connected and to avoid conflict can be overwhelming, so you join the flow when with others. If you had a separate desire before, it is likely to be forgotten. Once alone again, you feel angry with yourself for losing touch with your original agenda. You may think, “What happened to my true self? Now I wish I had pushed for my own needs, for at the time I almost forgot who I was!”

Peace Seekers are known for having strong “body instinct”—intelligence on the physical plane. Kirsten applies kinesthetic intuition when she works with clients suffering from ailments like sports injuries or strokes. She nurtures others in physical therapy, where you have to be strong and feel comfortable with closeness, such as putting your arms around stroke victims and lifting them. She uses her knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and neuroscience in creating exercises that strengthen muscles and relieve chronic pain.”

The types next to yours often influence your personality. Nines who lean toward the 8-Asserter personality may have an anti-authoritarian streak mixed in with their peace seeking nature. If they have a more developed 1-Perfectionist “wing,” they tend to be controlled or fastidious.

Peace Seekers often stand out for their empathy, adaptability, sensitivity, and support of human dignity.

Duncan works in a pressure cooker in one of the fanciest restaurants in New York City. Sometimes the kitchen runs into a crisis and he has to improvise—or one of the chefs doesn’t show up and he has to do double duty. “Everybody around me can be tense but I always keep my cool and adapt. What is there to be upset about? Life goes on.”

Peace Seekers as leaders are usually humble and can change course when it’s called for. Perhaps the most famous Peace Seeker, the Dalai Lama is quick to admit when he is wrong— a rare quality in world leaders.

Broad Perspective

Peace Seekers see the big picture and are among the most considerate of all the career types. When they travel the halls at work, in the neighborhood, or in the world, they try to put themselves in others’ shoes in order to understand their perspectives.

Drawing by Elizabeth Wagele

Drawing by Elizabeth Wagele

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