Teens Speak Out About Using Alcohol & Drugs

Drawing by E. Wagele

Drawing by E. Wagele

In the following excerpts from The Enneagram for Teens: Discover Your Personality Type and Celebrate Your True Self, teens and former teens tell about their experiences of taking alcohol and drugs:

  • This 5-Observer’s boyfriend influences her behavior and stops her from taking serious drugs: “The therapist said I needed to leave home because of my mother’s mental illness, which I risked being sucked into. I’m not sure where I got the courage or the dispassion to leave, but I moved in with my second boyfriend. I felt guilty most of my life over this decision, but am beginning to realize that my mother may have needed to have me leave so she could allow herself to totally break down. I may have made the right decisions, but paid an emotional price in both instances. I was still drinking, but my new boyfriend was a brother-figure who stopped me from smoking or taking serious drugs. I think I chose him to stop my wild behavior.” – Jaki
  • This 6-Questioner regrets taking alcohol and drugs because they led to her risky behavior: “Alcohol was very bad at this age in terms of increasing the number of self-respect-eliminating sexual encounters I had with boys. I will regret some of the bad things that happened forever. It took me a terrible amount of time to come to terms with it. Although I had fun at university, I did get introduced to drugs (cocaine) in a big way during my final year and this stunted my development. I was not learning how to deal with a long-term solution but always looking for a quick fix. I started hallucinating and imagining I could hear sounds and was paranoid but I can only see that now; at the time, I genuinely thought the way I was thinking was the truth. But if you start, it is very difficult to stop. Also, the people who are usually doing drugs are also not true friends no matter how much you think they are at the time.” – Lily Pearl
  • This 8-Asserter knows she has a tendency to push things to the limit, so she takes care of herself and stays out of trouble by holding back on drugs: “Although I did dabble a little with drugs, I didn’t really start to experiment with them until I was much older and wiser. I knew I pushed things to the limit and I felt I would do myself harm and get into even more trouble had I continued.” – Helen

The Enneagram is a system of 9 personality types that encourages understanding, self-observation, and acceptance of self and others. Ennea means 9 in Greek while gram stands for a drawing. The Enneagram figure is a circle with a star shape in the middle with 9 points, each one standing for a different personality type:

The Enneagram figure

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