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More Comments About “The Beethoven Enneagram”

Ed Jacobs & Mona Coates:

An exciting and stimulating treat to have Enneagram expertise wedded with the timeless and incomparable sounds of Beethoven. This CD is a genuine auditory treasure. Get it!

Anne Kirby:

I thank Elizabeth from the bottom of my heart for opening up the world of Beethoven’s music for me. That she combines it with my favorite subject, the Enneagram, is a great gift. Also, my husband, who says he couldn’t survive without music, is finally fascinated by the Enneagram.

Marian Sruh Weisberg:

What a creative and unusual way to p resent the Enneagram! I enjoyed it enormously! I like the light but meaningful style of her presentation. The quality of Elizabeth’s playing is so wonderful. My mother was a concert pianist so I know when I hear a good performance.

I’m a Seven and I recognized that slightly uncomfortable raced-up feeling in the music she selected to describe my type. I was especially amused by the chase.

Jeff McKay:

I marvel at Elizabeth’s Observer: the accuracy is remarkable.

Ann Del Tredici:

The Beethoven Enneagram is a lovely combination of music, Enneagram, personalities, Elizabeth’s presence, Beethoven history and insight…. A lot of people would like listening to it for a lot of different reasons.

Ann Woodward:

This was the first time in my musical life that I could actually hear isolated themes or motives in Beethoven’s music and appreciate them.

Thomas J. Hamilton:

After hearing The Beethoven Enneagram, I now have most of my Christmas gifts decided.

Mary Porter-Chase:

I came home and settled on the couch for a return engagement with The Beethoven Enneagram. I enjoyed it even more being relaxed and comfortable than I did at your concert in Denver.

Let me count the ways.

-The sound reproduction is excellent on our Bose.

-Your technical skill and artistic sensitivity are awesome.

-Your spoken voice is gentle, pleasant and confident.

-Your choices of information regarding the Enneagram and your choices and interpretations of Beethoven’s sonatas are masterful and creative.

-The way in which you wove it all together felt so relaxed, easy and interesting.

Well done, my friend. You and Beethoven have a winner!

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