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Teens! Do you know your type? Take the quiz.

The Enneagram for TeensClick on the cover to read about The Enneagram for Teens

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The Enneagram Made EasyPopular introduction to the Enneagram. Click on”The Enneagram Made Easy” to read about it.

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New Enneagram of Dying book cover with drawing of old man death dancing with woman

The Enneagram and grief, fear and dying. Click on “The Enneagram of Death” to read about it.

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At your local bookstore or Amazon.com |Published by the International  Enneagram Association

Finding the Birthday Cake book
Charming children’s book teaches them the Enneagram. Click on “Finding the Birthday Cake” to read about it.
The Enneagram of Parenting
For parents and teachers. Includes learning styles. Click on “The Enneagram of Parenting” to read about it.
The Happy Introvert book
Introverts in relationships and more. Includes Napoleon Dynamite. Click on “The Happy Introvert” to read about it.
The Career Within You book
Find the perfect job and manage your career using the Enneagram. Click on “The Career Within You” to read about it.


Are You My Type, Am I Yours?
Click on “Are You My Type, Am I Yours?” to read about it.


The Beethoven Enneagram
Beethoven’s piano music and personality. Click on “The Beethoven Enneagram” CD cover to read about it.


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