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The Happy Introvert

The Happy Introvert is a great gift for yourself or the introverts in your life.
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Front and back cover of The Happy Introvert book with photo of girl dancing with her guitar in the grass

Monks are meditating and one asks if they'd like to start a social club - it's captioned Extraverts Can Be Misfits TooThese “Happy Introvert” pages include:

Nigel Thompson’s Review, including some cartoons

Interview of Elizabeth with Paul Freibott

Jack Falt’s Review

•  Happy Introvert Contents

• Article: How to get along with introverts

Introverted Feeling Types

ARTICLE: A 5 on Music, the Enneagram, and Infinity

Article: Parenting Introverts and Other Types of Children

Famous types and types in movies

Elizabeth’s video, The Happy Introvert.

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