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The 9 Enneagram Behavioral Styles

Does your child exhibit any of these Enneagram behavioral styles?

Egg on wall sees broken egg and sign on ground has sad face with sign that says Push Me

No. 1 The Perfectionist wants to do everything just right and is often self-critical.

No. 2 The Helper wants to be of assistance and to be liked, and often masks his or her own feelings and needs.

No. 3 The Achiever is driven to perform well and to win approval.

No. 4 The Romantic is sensitive, often dramatic, and needs to feel special.

No. 5 The Observer is curious, wants to understand everything, and is often shy.

No. 6 The Questioner is alert, looks for security, and may be fearful of confrontation in the face of the unknown.

No. 7 The Adventurer seeks anything new and fun and often exhibits a short attention span.

No. 8 The Asserter is strong, energetic, and often aggressive.

No. 9 The Peacemaker wants everyone to be happy and to avoid conflict.

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